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Paradise Fears on Audiotree Live

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“Paradise Fears is an emotional alt-pop sextet. They’re a home grown group of South Dakota boys whose first shows were funded by the support of local business. In order to get the word out, they distributed CD’s to fans waiting in line for other shows. Taking the DIY ethic to heart, Paradise Fears have been releasing music independently since 2011. Lead singer and lyricist Sam Miller even runs an active blog that catalogues his experiences to further connect with their fervent fanbase.

Paradise Fears have found major success using these unconventional means. 2013’s 8-track EP, Battle Scars, reached #2 on iTunes Alternative Chart and #19 on the overall album chart. Look for a new album to be released at the end of 2015.” Read full article and watch videos here.

Paradise Fears’ session with Audiotree was just added to Spotify! Listen here!