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I find myself addicted to our new singles playlist. Don’t get me wrong…I love a good album, and a good playlist. The problem is that they’re seldom either. Quick question: is the song “Beaches In Mind” on the new Big K.R.I.T. or the new Beach Boys record? Are you gonna listen far enough into the album to care? These new release playlists are all singles, all genres, and a ton of fun. Are there some clinkers? Sure, but that’s half the fun.

This week, what have we got?
* A real bangin’ new track from Lil Wayne that I can’t stop listening to
* A Cocorosie track that I like, which is saying a lot
* Sean Kingston sampling Soul II Soul
* Which also somehow provided a good segue into the latest from Miss Li
* That Casey Abrams kid from Idol has a song that’s worth a listen
* Some decent electro jams from Zedd and Kryptic Minds
* Feel free to avoid the Elle Varner song, even if it has Kirko Bangz and T-Pain
* The inexplicable expletives of “Licky Licky”
* Oh, and Wilco deciding they should sing in Spanish

What do you think is worth listening to? Which are your favorites? Let us know! Playlists on Spotify, Rdio and YouTube below. *Note, not all songs on all services, but that ain’t DigSin’s fault.